So this is the first blog post, here it goes!

I make websites, almost every I am working on a project and I feel I’ve done a pretty good job and grown in the field since I’ve been in it. When It came time to make a website for my self, and then the time came again, and again, it always found a way to the back burner because of doing work. So finally took the time, extra hours each day, and then it came together. Here is my site and the home of my blog, my projects, my portfolio, and then some.

So I needed a starting point. Started off with the home page of course and it went through many rounds of revisions, trying to figure out the right content and where to place it. Then I set up the sub pages, the about, blog, services,  portfolio and contact. I had an Idea at this point but it still didn’t feel quite right. So I asked my beautiful and lovely fiance Steph what her thoughts were and she gave me some feed back, she didn’t like or understand a few things, and some colors, and when she told me this it hit me. I then knew how I would get to the finish line with my own site.

I made the final changes, re did the entire home page and made the style changes reflect on the other pages and it was finally starting to come together. The site is almost complete and I’m getting ready to post it live, but first I wanted to write a article to reflect about the process and remember it.

Thank you for anyone who reads this. I am looking forward to writing more about my experiences with wordpress, javascript, HTML, CSS, php and more.